Frequently asked questions

How do I install the Arm Anchors onto my glasses frames?

Each size of each Arm Anchor has a right and a left. When istalled properly, the Spec Swaps logo should face outward from the eyeglasses side arm. See picture below:

How do Spec Swaps work?

With a perfected design having self-aligning shapes and high-powered neodymium magnets, a unique situation is created. After installing the Arm Anchors onto your eyeglasses side arms, just hang the cord around your neck making sure that the correct ends are aligned with the glasses side arms and the rest is automatic. See video for details:

How does the Cord work?

The Cord that hangs around your neck has Bud Ends on both ends. Inside each Bud End is a high-powered magnet. Each one has the oposing polarity of the internal magnet facing outward towards the Arm Anchor on the glasses side arms for when working the self-aligning male-female flaired features. Make sure the Cord is around your neck in the correct orientation to accept the right and left Anchor Arms on your glasses. See picture below:


Self-aligning magnetic glasses retainers

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